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Pain Relief, Preventative Maintenance, Performance Optimization

Pain Stop acupuncture methods work very well for any acute or chronic injuries/traumas and gets positive results. Our method offers an 85% success rate with patients achieving up to 50% reduction in pain within one treatment. The effects of acupuncture are cumulative and a course of treatment is usually required. During our initial consultation, we will address your chief complaint and determine if you are a good candidate for our treatments. If you are, we will design a treatment plan that will help relieve your pain as fast as possible so you can enjoy a pain-free body and a better quality of life!

The treatment plan will consist of acupuncture treatments and potential lifestyle changes that will help you become more aware of your body and how much better you can feel with simple and easy changes in respect to diet, proper hydration, digestion, exercise/movement, breathing, meditation, sleep and stress relieving strategies. Initially we start off with a series of treatments (usually four) depending on how long you have been experiencing your pain. This will be followed up by a re-assessment where we will review your progress, see if we are going in the right direction and answer any questions or address any concerns you may have in order to help you reach your health goals. Once you are feeling better and are pain-free, we offer a maintenance program which will allow you to take a proactive approach to your health and wellness. This will insure that your body is always getting the attention it deserves and address any pain before it gets out of control.

  1. Consultation: 15 Minutes – FREE
  2. Treatment plans will be provided for the different stages of care:
    • Acute/Sub-Acute
    • Chronic
    • Preventative Maintenance/Performance Optimization
  3. Acupuncture Treatments
    • Initial Assessment & Treatment: 60 mins - $125.00
    • Follow-up Treatments: 30-40 mins - $75.00
    • Follow-up Treatments: 60 mins - $125.00
  4. Acupuncture Programs/Packages
    • Headaches/Migranes
    • Upper Back/Neck
    • Shoulder
    • Low Back/Hip
    • Knee
    • Preventive Maintenance
    • Performance Optimization
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